The Index contains names of people who received a Yavapai County Old Age Pension during the period 1933-1937, and is searchable below. For further research, Yavapai County Old Age Pension file is available at the Archives, containing papers such as: Affidavit and Application for Old Age Pension, Questionnaire Relating to Application for Old Age Pension, letters proving age and newspaper obituaries. Please submit a research request or make an appointment to do research (928.445.3122). It may take up to 2 weeks to respond to your request.

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Arizona 1933 Old Age Pension Act

According to the Prescott Journal Miner Newspaper, dated 27 Apr 1933: "A total of twenty-two states have now adopted old-age pension laws. In these states indigent men and women who are too old to work will not have to go to the poorhouse and suffer the stigma of pauperization. Instead they will be able to draw regular incomes from their state treasuries, and while these incomes will not be large they will at least keep their recipients from starvation and will save their self-respect."

The Arizona act was approved March 9, 1933, and went into effect on the July 1, 1933. (The Arizona code in effect at the time was the 1928 Revised Code. This act appears in the 1934 Supplement to the 1928 code under sections 2492a through 2492x.) While an Arizona state act it was administered by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors as the Yavapai County Old Age Commission.

The Arizona 1933 Old Age Pension Act covered people over the age of 70, who were Arizona residents for at least 35 years, with some limitations. Some of the rejections listed in the Board Of Supervisors minutes were age, Public Institution, residence, income or being in the VA Hospital. The pensions ranged from $10 to $25.

The act was repealed effective June 30, 1937, and replaced by new legislation.